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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Col de Faisses, N115 and Mobius

With fall arriving, the slope season is ending here in Europe. However, last week-end, we had superb condition with cool temperatures and good south wind. I drove to Col de Faisses in order to fly the Needle 115, and also do a video and some aerial pictures with the Mobius action cam. The place is wild and beautiful so perfect for this exercice. 

We flew almost 3 hours non-stop, with or without the cam, and moving the cam between the wing tip and the center to obtain different perspectives.

After some quick editing, this gives the following video. The camera filmed in 1080p, but the editing output is 720p for upload and file size reasons. But it gives a good idea of the quality you can expect from this excellent tiny Mobius cam.

Despite I had also the Pike Precision and the Needle 100, I flew only the Needle 115, and enjoyed it a lot in a medium wind (9 to 10 m/s I would say). I flew with 700 of ballast all the time. 
Below is a video taken with the GoPro3 mounted on the helmet. You can see the good speed the N115 can achieve, and also how well it tracks, thanks to the cross tail / fin.


  1. In fact, I used the pod I built for the keycam: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-hvc8qQBOIV4/UM2YF7an6jI/AAAAAAAAQ3U/R4CJdZxGqyc/s720/IMG_3621.JPG

  2. Superbes photos, vous avez lesté l'aile opposée a la keycam ?

  3. Oui, j'ai un lest scotché à l'intrados de l'aile opposée.


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