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Sunday, April 27, 2014

A very simple portable CoG ruler

This is the ideal light weight tool you need when you are at the slope or at the field and want to set properly the CoG of your sailplane. I made it using a paper ruler from Ikea , a 0.5mm epoxy plate a plastic control rod sleeve and 2 small piece of 1mm plywood. The paper ruler is bouble taped on the epoxy plate, the red plastic control rod sleeve and the pywood are glued with some. Using it is quite simple. Just tape the ruler on the uderside of the wing at the rigth position. Then position your fingers on the red control rod sleeve and check the balance, then add or supress lead accordingly. I used it yesterday on my Needle V115 and it worked perfectly ! I estimated the precision around 0.5 mm.

Next time I will teach you how to make a 4K TV set using a paper-fastener and a chewing gum  !!!!!


  1. Super astuce merci pour l'ingéniosité

  2. Depuis le temps que je dis qu'il n'y a pas que des couillons à la pente...:-))
    Une application de plus aux réglets-papier d'IKEA, bravo !

  3. Where you supported to measure the cg?

    1. using your fingerson the red plastic sleeve.


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