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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Shinto assembly

Below are some pictures of the assembly of the Shinto. the LDS installation requires some attention as everytinh is very tight. The result is perfect, with no slop at all, removable servos despite they are bigger than recommended. In the fuselage I used the new HV 6125e from MKS, so the plane doesn't need any S-BEC, as I 'm powering it with a Li Ion 2S 2.9A battery.
Empty flying weight is 2100gr. I didn't need any lead except the one moulded and provided by Vladimir. I also produced a spreadsheet for the ballast. I found that above 1.7kg of ballast you need to put some balance lead in the nose as the CoG is moving backward of 3mm. 


  1. Dear Pierre,
    I just got the Shinto F3F in the LDS version and I was wondering which servos from MKS you recommend... I was thinking about the HV9780 for both of the fuselage (since I am looking for speed but I'm not sure If they fit well... if not the HV6125). and the new HV6130 for the Ailerons and Flaps... second option for AIL and FLP are the HBL6625...

    What do you think? I appreciate your help in advance.
    Kind regards,


    1. Hello Gonzalo,
      I think the Mks HV9780 MG is too big for the fuselage. Stay with a 12mm servos, HV6125e, or the tiny HV6100. For the wings, you can go either with the HV6130, or the 6625mini, or the 6625 glider. They all will be perfect for the job !
      Best regards,

    2. Dear Pierre,
      Thank you so much for your quick reply. I hope to fly soon with you.

      Best regards,

    3. Hi Pierre!
      I'm just installing my new Shinto and have 2-3 questions to ask if possible. Could you please send me an email to gmoreno.id@gmail.com so I can reply with the questions?

      Thank you very much. I really appreciate it since you really know how to put this model to its maximum!!

      Kind regards!


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