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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Shinto maiden flight

Maiden flight of my Shinto went very very smoothly. I went to the col du glandon again because the weather forecast was indicating no wind or 5km/h maximum from west, south west. I was however expecting some thermal breeze created by the valley. when I arrived, the wind was coming from the north east valley. The time to walk to the slope, the wind stopped and switched to south valley. So, I drove 1 km, climb to the slope. The gentle breeze was about 4 to 5 m/s, not more. So I launched the Shinto unballasted and everything was perfect from the beginning: no trimming needed, CG fine, settings fine with the right amount of snapflaps, differential OK. Empty weight is 2103gr and CG is set to 86-87mm. The Shinto is very easy to fly, very precise, and manoeuverable on the ailerons. I found the flaps to work very well in thermal position and efficient in butterfly mode to slow down the plane (empty, that's right). The Shinto, as soon as it takes its speed is impressive and easy in turn, with excellent grip and EM capabilities. I need more flying time in various conditions, and some competitions to go further.

I captured my maiden flight with the GoPro. Here is the video of it. I know ... this is an ugly place for a maiden flight :) !!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Pierre!

    Some time has passed since your maiden flight with the shinto in July. Any new comments from you on the characteristics of this plane (maybe in comparison to other planes you have flewn recently, let's say before using the shinto)?

    Best greetings from the Alps, Michael


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