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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pikes Slim radio installation and maiden flight

Installation is (very) tight, but fine as after some thinking, each element finds its place naturally.
Some changes however: I installed the super tiny and powefull MKS DS6100 for the elevator (note: The MKS DS6125e can fit).  I replace the 8 channels receivers by a 6 channels receiver, installed on top of the fuselage. The battery is a 2S LiIon 2900 mAh, so I have S-BEC in front of each servo. Satellite is in the nose. First antenna is below the receiver, in a plastic sleeve glued in the fuselage, the second antenna is on the side of the receiver with an angle of 45 to 60° (not 90° as idealy recommended).

At the end I needed about 130g of lead in the nose to retrieve my optimal CoG of 107mm. I will keep my current settings as the rear boom has the same length. Empty weight is 2170g for a double carbon ST wing version, which is a very good weight for F3F.

Maiden flight occured end of august, few days before my departure for the World championship on Slovakia. Conditions were light and it was difficult to say if there is a small of big improvement over the standard fuselage. Only time will says, with competitions and a panel of conditions. It seems however that the plane is a bit more pitchy which would indicate a lighter fuselage moment because of the shorter nose.For the rest, it is very subjective to write any conclusion.

Below is the video of the maiden flight at Puy de Manse:

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