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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Baudis Jedi kit overview

Below are the detailled pictures of the kit. The weight of each part is as following:

  • Left wing               733g
  • Right Wing            724g
  • Left Tail                  39g
  • Right Tail               40g
  • Fuselage               297g
  • Joiners                  115g
  • Fuselage Ballast   440g 
  • Wing Ballast        816g 
  • Total:                 1948g
RC Equipement will be MKS HBL6625 for flaps, MKS HBL6625 mini for ailerons, MKS 6125e HV for elevators. Batterie will be a LiIon 2S 18650 format of 2900 mAh, Zepsus magnetic switch. I will try to find additional ballast to put in the joiner. Slugs are 12x10 (with some sanding probably). I could order tungsten, but first of all the price is now prohibitive, around 100 euros per Kilo !!!! and tungsten make the incremental ballast more difficult. Stay tune for the assembly that should start in a week from now.

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