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Friday, February 20, 2015

Taranis plus and new battery

I received my second Taranis Plus today, so I'm equiped and ready for the F3F season. It will be easy to maintain the 2 Taranis excatly in sync thanks to companion TX software.

I also received my LiIon batteries for the Taranis. On the first picture you can see the original battery (NiMh, 2000 mAh), an hyperion LiFe 2S normally use in a glider, but that was fitting well in the compartiment, and the new Li-Ion battery I need to assemble.

It's a 26500 format, 3.7 nominal voltage, 3 Ah capacity, 2S. Each cell measures 26mm in diameter byr 5 cm in length. They fit particularly well in the compartiment and let lots of space. I'll will have about plenty of flying time !


  1. Why dont use the 3 cell LiFe Batts? Its what im using with Taranis so cheap and with 1800 mahs you can fly hours and hours.

    You show a 2 cell, 2100mah LiFe batt. Have you tryed in the radio?

    Thank you and congratulations for your blog!!!

  2. Cold batteries hold less charge, especially in sub-freezing conditions. In chilly weather, keep the phone close to your body for warmth.
    flashlight batteries


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