Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Innovation: Flexing wing trailing edge

Jaro Muller, the weel known manufacturer of the Ellipse family is currently experimenting a new technology of flexing trailing edges replacing the traditional control surface with hinges. A first video has been released. We cannot see well in details, but it seems to work.

Does it use a kind of Fish Bone Active Camber Morphing Concept (…) ?
No idea.


  1. It works, but it seems some strange behaviour.

  2. Not really a new concept. Already many researches carried out on such device in aeronautical agencies and laboratories (for ful-scale applications of course). Some issues to be addressed : the energy balance (in fact a hinged control surface proposes the lowest energy consumption to be deflected compared to such device where there is some energy needed to deform the skin), the reversibilty aspect of such a device. It needs to be stiff enough not to self-deflect under aerodynamic loads and still soft enough not to require lot of energy to be deflected.

  3. Published in 2012


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