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Sunday, December 13, 2015

3D printer: BQ Hephestos 2

Christmas is earlier this year ! I bought the very new and just released spanish 3D printer BQ Hephestos 2. It is a RepPrap Prusa I3 type printer. According to the specs, print dimension is (x)210 mm x (y)297 mm x (z)220 mm. Packaging is very nice and everything is made for an easy assembly.


The advertising says that it can be completed in less 2 hours. Well, to be honest, they must be super-humans, because it took me around 4 hours non-stop. I would say that the mechanic part is well thought and assembly went well. Wiring is another story. It could be better I think. Overall I'm satisfied with the kit. I switched it on and it said "hello world", and it speaks several languages. Below are all the detailed pictures I took during the assembly.

Calibration and first print:

Calibration started badly until I understood that I shifted the 3 end course switch connectors. After fixing this the calibration went OK and is quite simple. I interrupted the first print attempt the offset of the nozzle was wrong. Then I also stopped the next 3 prints because the first layer doesn't stay on thé plate. I tried with some paper masking tape, but same result. Then I used some hair spray but again same result. I therefore ordered a buildtak and 3M Blue tape on Amazon. But I didn't want to end my day on a failure, so I decided to simply use double face tape, and could print a Jedi ballast spacer. Result is nice. Then I tried a mobius camera mount, but quality was not good, the part had no integrity, like it was made from noodles. Is it a problem of temperature? Speed? GCode ? No idea. I will do some more test when receiving the buildtak and tape. For the rest, the printer is pretty easy so use, the interface is very intuitive and the rotary/push button very convenient. Overall, I'm satisfied, but there is obviously a learning curve and I'm at the beginning.

The printer in action:


  1. Wrong temperature, for PLA the best results are abound 220

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