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Monday, February 15, 2016

[Video review] F3X Building Clinic from RadioCarbonArt

Paul Naton recently released 2 new educational videos. The first one is F3X Building Clinic and explains step by step how to assemble a F3J competition plane giving details. After 21 years of F3F, this means many plane assembled, plus review, so I'm used to it, but it is always interresting to see how other people do, and learn new assembling technics. And this has been the case with this video. I would say that I do the same for 90% of the work, but I could learn some nice tips on the wiring for exemple.

So what is covered in this video ?

The first part is introducing  the hand tools, soldering tools, the glue needed for the assembly, followed by the equipement used, especially the servo, servo frames, batteries, wires, connectors. Paul is guiding us through the zero setting of the servos and the cycling of them, and an explanation of the typical setting/mixer that will be used on the radio. Then He is showing how works the lastest generation of servo frame and how to prepare them, with also some words on the LDS system.

Follows a long chapter about wiring, and soldering, where Paul explain how to save weight, how to do a good soldering, crimping, etc ... I particularly liked the tip to maintain wire in the wing. I will try on y next plane.

Then come the discussion around wing servo installation in the wing, positioning, control rod, clevises, how to obtain the maximum throw and precision. Paul is then switching to the radio installation in the fuselage, battery soldering, antenna installation, servo tray, control rod end assembly. Before to enter in details in the plane settings (I liked his method to measure the deflection, very smart !), some words on the plane balancing.

The last minutes of the video are the preflight checking and some action at the field, hand catching, thermalling, winch, with a onboard camera.

Overall, I found the video very educationnal, Paul's explanations are very clear, relying on drawing whenever it is needed. The hint and tips are great, either for somebody who build his first mouldies, but the expert pilot can still find some useful information. Image quality is very good, the sound clear, with close images of details.

Remember a good assembly means a reliable and performant plane that will bring you lots of flying hours, for sport flying or competition.

More information on Radio Carbon Art website

You can find a trailer of this video here F3X Building Clinic Preview Trailer:

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