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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Padawan 1.5 aerobat !

I'm currently working in association with FLASH-RC on a new slope glider project , called the "Padawan 1.5", which we hope will be on sale soon.

It is a larger and revisited version of the Padawan I designed few years ago, a small EPP twisteron aerobat. This new version is now 1.5m wingspan, has a rudder, and will feature a fiberglass fuselage and foam weener wings. The airfoil has been specifically developped for this purpose by Thierry Platon. This should give a cute aerobat glider, compact, easily "foldable", giving a good compromise on perfomances and pleasure. We can already say that the plane will be manufactured in Europe with an objective of quality.

This summer, I worked on a prototype using a home made fuselage construction made from extruded foam covered with 0.6mm samba sheet. The wings were made with a foam care and also samba sheet, covered with vynil.

The prototype is a bit heavy for the size with a flying weight of 875gr, when it should be around 700gr. However it could fly in light conditions, is looking great in the air, roll rate is impressive and knife edge flying is easy.

In the meantime the master of the fuselage, rudder, and canopy have been milled, and I just recevied a picture of the molds.

A pre-serie should start soon and I'm very excited to see the result !

Here is a video filmed this summer at Col du Glandon, in light conditions.

I will of course share with you about the progress and the avaibility date as soon as I will have more visibility.

Stay tuned !


  1. That looks great! Just the kind of model I'm looking for.

  2. Hi Pierre,

    Just asking a question, if it is possible that you may make a foam/balsa kit or publish a plan of the Padawan 1.5 for the traditional glider builders out there. I live in Australia where postage from Europe is very expensive and I am a keen Slope flyer. I have been following and admiring what you done for the sport over the years.

    Looking forward to your reply.
    Cheers Peter

    1. Hi Peter,
      A wood version of the Padawan is not planned for now. However this is something we may conisder in the futur.
      Kind regards,

    2. Does anyone have plans in English for the Padawan 1.5 building instructions. I have a new kit but no plans. Or instructions please

  3. Hmmm il y a de la concurrence...

  4. @ Peter: I believe the "Le Fish" plans are now in the public domain. Its not a wingeron but it might be close to what you are looking for.


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