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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Some very interresting new products from www.servorahmen.de

Servorahmen.de has been the first company to introduce on the market servo frames years ago, covering almost all model of wings servo, but not only.

It is nice to see that they are following the LDS trend and adapting their products to customer needs. 
Here are few new products I received from Florian:

- MKS HV6130 servo IDS frame: The pocket includes a new specialized frame for the recent and great servo HV6130 from MKS. The frame features an external counter bearing, and 2 fixing position. I noticed that this frame can host the HBL6625mini or the DS6125mini. The frame is provided with a set of 4 servo head, with different axis distance covering the various needs (ailerons, flaps, etc ...). Then a very interresting set of plastic arms with different length from 48mm to 81mm so you can solve easily any installation whatever the position of the servo from the control surface. The material used for the control arms includes carbon (Carbon fiber reinforced polymer), so are very rigid.

- IDS control arms: The set of control arms, carbon reinforced (Carbon fiber reinforced polymer), is available separately and is compatible with other existing servo frames. I could check it on the MKS HBL6625 servo frame I bought from Hollein.

- Carbon reinforced servo heads: Servorahmen also proposes a set of 6 Carbon reinforced servo heads, fully compatible with other plastic servo heads, frames, and arms.

More pictures here: google photo

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