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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Digitech Angle & Throw Meter

I continue my migration to digital tools !  I just received my Angle &Throw meter from digitech in Netherland, and designed by Daniel Maiorano. This device allows to mesure angle and travel in mm, as you can enter the chord of the surface, very smart !  It comes without user manual or mount. After thinking a bit, I finally just double taped a epoxy plate behind the case, and which stay on it, then I paper tape it. the case is 3D printed, and it features a small OLED screen, very crisp and with excellent contrast.

The use is very intuitive. First you fix it on the surface, then you power on with a 4.8 to 14V battery. Before to start calibration, you need to set the chord, by clicking on the +  or -. When ready you click on the "F" button, there is a 3 seconds countdown before to enter calibration and set the Zero position.  You can start measuring ! Overall, this is a nice device that allow to replicate settings with precision, I just regret that the chord has to be re-entered everytime you power-on. The first batch is sold out, but you can preorder here for the next one: http://www.digitech.nl/angle-throw-meter-preorder

Here is a short video to show how it works:


  1. Need more accuracy, i think.
    like 0.00

    1. There is a new version for helis where the precision is 1/10 of mm (and 1/10 degrees). Will be available soon.

  2. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53205026/mould/manualthrow.pdf

  3. Hello,
    20€ for postage for France .... do you have a good way to buy in France?
    Christian .

    1. ici: https://fredmodelisme.com/fr/38-outils


    2. OK merci ... et Bravo pour la Muela!

  4. Hello and thanks for this article! If you want to hold the same chord value, just enter it with the '+' and '-' keys, and once done, press & hold 'F' for 3 seconds. This will restart the "zeroing" and store the chord value in memory

    Cheers, Daniel

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  6. Hey, it's very nice.
    Please be Aware that it Needs to be not only aligned with hinge but the wing Needs to be level with earth surface for accurate measurement.
    cheers, Paul Vesely

  7. hello rondel
    will you give me the files to your work:
    i want to try your method search somebody who can print it for me (i can build it) and then i will buy also the digitech, just commensurably of diff. planeset.
    Please Help me

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  9. I've just received mine, which is one with higher accuracy. There is a manual on the Digitech website, but it doesn't explain how to toggle the accuracy between integer and 0.1. A little experimentation reveals that this is done by holding the F button down through the zeroing procedure. When the device has zeroed, it will then switch accuracy level. I bought the ruler with mine, which enables a different fixing. Instead of tape, I drilled 7mm holes through the ruler, one each side of the aperture for the meter. I inserted rare earth magnets into the holes. Two more magnets on the underside of the surface you are wanting to check, and the device is easily moveable, and removable, and stays firmly enough in place without leaving a tape residue.

  10. A very light evolution : the same product without buttons, a very light case (6 g) and the interface is a smartphone.
    look at http://www.digitech.nl/at-wizard


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