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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Planet-Soaring is 20 years old !!!!

Planet-Soaring is celebrating its 20th anniversary !

Created in january 1998 under the title RC Soaring Magazine, it was initially a monthly webzine. I was not owning the domain name at that time. After few years, I moved to a different hosting company and created the domain name planet-soaring.com which is used since then.

Built manually using web editor like dreamweaver, I moved Planet-Soaring to google blogspot in March 2009 to ease the writing, and take benefit of the templates and framework and have easily a more professional look and feel.

As you can imagine, this activity takes lots of time and energy, and to be honest, I have been very close to stop it several times, especially since Facebook became a serious information channel. Instead, I created a facebook page planet-soaring and now try to maintain both as finally they are complementary: Facebook for quick and fast information, and Planet-Soaring the blog for articles.

I just wanted to thank all the readers of planet-soaring from all around the world since the beginning, for their loyalty, support, encouragements, constructive comments/fedbacks, and sometimes contributions. I think this is the reason why I need to continue to maintain and feed this blog.

I just apologize if  updates are now not as often as you or I would like, but I have a job and a private life, and also to feed the blog, I need to practice RC glider, experiment, travel, create, etc ... !

Again thank you all !

Pierre Rondel

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