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Monday, April 29, 2019

Drone regulation: Everything you need to know and comply to when coming to France

The new drone law is in place in France since the 26th of December 2018. It is applicable also to aeromodellers from all over the world visiting France and wanted to fly their RC plane in our beautiful country.

To make it short, for the moment you need:
  • All pilots must have a valid training certfcate before fying a model weighing more than 800gr.
  • Model plane above 800grs must be registered in France and have a visible model identification mark
The french association Finesse+, who is very involved in the defense of slope soaring, produced this nice flyers you can download. This flyer gives all the details and URL to use to do the training and obtain the certificate, to register your model.

Please take it seriously ! Few controls already happened in 2019 by the french gendarmerie, mainly in club fields.

When I say "for the moment", this is because some new rules are not yet applied, for technical reason, but it is very likely we will need to install a transponder in our models. We will keep you informed.

Thanks for you attention and cooperation !

Finesse PlusAssociation Française de Défense du Planeur RC et de l’Aéromodélisme de Plaine, du Littoral et de Montagne

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