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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gathering information for migrating to 2.4 GHz

I think more and more to switch to 2.4 Ghz on my T12FG. For that I have several alternatives like:

  • keep my Futaba T12FG and go FASST: reliable but very expensive (both module and receiver), no telemetry
  • change for another transmitter like the Hitec or Airtronics: the Aurora release date shifts week after week which is not a good sign. Features are also downgraded :( ! Airtronics, in fact Sanwa in Europe is not well distributed, and I personnaly don't like the look of the transmitter and the small screen...
  • Equip my T12FG with another external 2.4G brand module: Weatronic (too expensive), Spectrum (too much cables)
  • Equip my T12FG with a internal module: Assan or Jeti
Jeti is a sexy solution with telemetry, some nice features, and tests here and there showed that the link is strong and reliable. I mailed Jeti to get some information about how to install their TU module in the T12FG. I got these pictures I share with you.

The modification consists in soldering the 3 wires needed for the TU module on the back of the slave master square plug.

The module itself is then fixed thanks to a screw on the lower corner. (under the right stick):

The antenna can be place with the front panel switches. A switch will allow to activate the module or not. On the software side, when switching on the radio, it ask you if you want to transmit or no.

  • Answering NO while the Jeti switch is ON will trasmitt in 2.4Ghz only.
  • Answering YES while the Jeti switch is OFF will trasmitt in 41 Mhz only.
  • Answering YES while the Jeti switch is ON will trasmitt in both 2.4Ghz and 41 Mhz.
As you can see, the modification is quite simple and allow you to continue to use the trasmitter with your old FM receivers !

Hope this information is helpful.

If I decide to go JETI, I will keep you inform here :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi,
    How did you connect the switch?
    Do you have to be in "student" mode?


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