Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday: Aerial Pictures in the Beaufortain

Sunday, because the forecast was giving very low wind, I decided to equiped my brave old ASW15 from Airtech and go to fly at the "Col du Joly" in the beaufortain, an aera located very close to the Mont Blanc, the highest summit in Europe (4807m).

It was also the opportunity for me to test the 2.4 Jeti Solution in another plane than a foamy. conditions were OK, with some thermals and some sink air :( ...

I took lots of aerial shots. You can see some of them at the following URL:

Anyway, the 2.4 Ghz works fine, and I could decide to buy the Vario from Jeti for the ASW15 :) !!!

If the Jeti is reliable I could also decide to equip my Futaba T12FG with a Jeti module and then convert all my F3F planes with the R6 Receiver.

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