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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I finally decided to go Jeti !

After lots of thinking, hesitations, I decided to go Jeti for my 2.4 Ghz. Thanks to the positive feedbacks on the different forums from all the pilots and competitors in F3J, F3B, F3K happy with the Jeti Solution, I ordered a TU module for my T12FG and also 3 R8 Receivers. I will have a total of 4 x R8 receivers, and the FF9 / T12FG equiped.

I ordered at Electricwingman yesterday, and the goods have been shipped the same day :) !!!

I should received them by the end of the week or beginning of next week. Pricing is interesting and everything is in stock which is pretty ionterresting compared to other well known Jeti european resellers like MS composite.

4 of my F3F planes will receive a R8 receiver. I need to modify my Freestyler which has a carbone fuselage, but the other planes are 2.4 ghz friendly, so no trouble to expect.

As soon as I will modify my T12FG, I will post pictures and explanation on this blog. Stay tuned :) !!

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