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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

RCRCM Strega and Typhoon first impressions

I received lot of planes in the 3 past weeks: 2 are coming from RCRCM, a Typhoon and the famous Strega.

The Typhoon first:

This 2m wingspan all-rounder is designed for sport flying and is fully moulded using CNC molds.

Specs are the following:

- Wingspan: 2.00 m
- Length: 1.20 m
- Weight: 950 g
- Wing airfoils: JH8 series 8%, 7.5%, 7% blended
- Tail aifoil: SD8020

The quality is pretty good, and the kit came with everything to finish the assembly including the servos lead extensions, and also the wing bags. I like very much the new color scheme, it couldn't be better. Everything fits together perfectly. I will just have to paper sand a little bit the joiner on one side to make it more free and not force in the joiner box. The surface finish of the wing is to the highest standard. There is an huge 20 mm ballast tube in the fuselage already in place and accessible by the bottom of the fuselage. The space for radio installation is not that big but with the servos, battery and receiver I have, everything will easily find its place.

Weight per element:

- Left Wing: 347 gr
- Right Wing: 341gr
- Left Tailplane: 25 gr
- Right Tailplane: 25 gr
- Fuselage: 293 gr
- Joiner: 41gr

You will find all the pictures of the kit here

And what about the Strega ?

The kit is also pretty complete, with servos lead extensions, MPX green plugs, wing bags, wing servos tray, radio keel. Wings are beautiful and the airfoil seems very very thin. The thickness for the servos is therefore very limited, so the servos covers are bumped. It’s mandatory to use 10 mm servos for the ailerons. The fuselage is pretty light. The long ballast tube (20 mm) is provided apart. Tails with upper control horns location remind the Skorpion.


- Wing span: 2.9m
- Length: 1.46m
- Wing airfoil: JH8 series 8%, 7.5%, 7% blended
- Tail airfoil: JH8-10-sym

Weight per element are the following:

- Left Wing: 605 gr
- Right Wing: 597gr
- Left Tailplane: 49 gr
- Right Tailplane: 47 gr
- Fuselage: 227 gr
- Joiner: 83 gr

You will find all the pictures of the kit here

I will start with the assembly of the Typhoon as it is for a review in a French magazine.

Distributor for France : http://www.wittnaircomposite.com/

I will update the blog time to time during the assembly, so stay tuned !

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