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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Greentronic REGMAX

Regmax is a DualBat input booster 1S2P Lipo or LiFe, 3 or 4 Nimh input, 5V5 4A output. Booster means that it is able to elevate the voltage from 3.7 V to 5.5V with a efficiency about 85 % which is pretty good.

I will install it in my Wasabi. The total weight of 2 LiFe 1S batteries + the regmax is lighter than a 4 cells R6 battery, but provide a higher capacity.

The redundancy is total. There is no primary and secondary battery. As soon as you unplug a battery the device switches automatically to the second battery. When the 2 batteries are connected and running fine, a green led is ON.

A video is better than 1000 words, so here it is:

Greentronic Regmax from Pierre Rondel on Vimeo.

I added more pictures on my Picasaweb: here

Greentronic is not only manufacturing this Regmax, but also different other voltage regulators or dual power.

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