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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hyperion 95FMD tested on Servormances

Servormances is a software that present in a clever manner the results of the servos test under the same condition, in a repeatable approach.

Olivier Seguoin just made available a new database that includes a couple of recent servos like the BMS 555 DMG or the Hyperion 095FMD

I was pretty curious about the hyperion as I choose it for the ailerons of my Alliaj HM.

The results are convincing compared to the competition (s3150, Aitronics, Graupner, etc ...) and given the price, it offer a good ratio price/performance.

The software can be loaded here: http://www.teaser.fr/~osegouin/aeromode/servos.phtml (Sorry chaps, its only in French !)

Then you can upgrade it by copying the 2 files contained in the the zip file in the repository of Servormances:


Thanks Olivier and the Servormances team for your contribution. It is appreciated :) !!


  1. salut pierre
    as tu fait pareil avec les 555 de chez UH?


  2. Le BMS555 DMG (version digitale) est dans Servormances. les résultats sont mitigés. Pour ma part, j'utilise la version analogique. Les servos sont montés dans le Typhoon. Ils sont rapides coupleux, mais pour le moment, je ne peux en dire plus.


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