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Monday, March 1, 2010

2nd French F3F Team qualification contest

This week end, 14 pilots "fighted" during 2 days to enter in one of the 3 french teams for the viking race. This qualification was on the VKR slopes. Saturday we has very strong wing in Laurac (slope A) with an average around 22 to 23 m/s and some dust to 30m/s! Best time of the day is Philippe Lanes with a 32s, flying a Freestyler. We completed 8 rounds.

On Sunday, the weather calmed down a lot and we went to St Ferriol to do again 8 rounds in light to medium conditions. Best time of the day was 37s.

Alexis has been impressive during the week-end, confirming that the Alliaj HM is a great F3F plane. Freestylers were still very competitive, recording the best times on Saturday and Sunday. The Cyril and the Ceres are also very competitive planes. On my side, I was already qualified in 1st position so had no pressure at all. Therefore I participated to "ramp up" with my new planes for my first competition in 2010: the Alliaj HM and the Dingo. I'm very statisfied with both even if I damaged the tail of my Alliaj after an heavy landing with 1.5 kg of ballast in it. This crazy plane can carry so much ballast that the landing becomes a touchy excercice.

The ranking of this contest (and planes used) is the following:

Points Pilot Planes
1 12681 1000 MARECHAL Alexis Alliaj HM
2 12429 980 LANES Philippe Freestyler/Cyril
3 12362 975 RINGENBACH Thibaud Freestyler
4 12234 965 RONDEL Pierre Alliaj HM/Dingo
5 12168 960 GRANDEIGNE cedric Alliaj HM
6 12141 957 KREBS Arnaud Ceres F3B
7 12068 952 PLATON Pierre Freestyler/Alliaj HM
8 11898 938 MERVELET Matthieu Martinet F3B
9 11864 936 DERBIER Fabien Freestyler
10 11700 923 GUWANG Marcel Alliaj HM
11 11594 914 COHEN Allan Matinet F3F
12 11585 914 LOMBARDO Laurent Ceres/Martinet F3F
13 11347 895 HOURS fred Freestyler/Ceres F3F
14 10428 822 L EMONNIER thierry Alliaj 1

The qualification process is now completed, based on 2 national championships and 2 VQR contests, so the 3 teams are the following (with planes):

Team 1:

1 Rondel P 2985.4 pts (Alliaj HM, Dingo, Freestyler)
2 Marechal A 2948.8 pts (Alliaj HM / Alliaj HM)
3 Lanes P 2926.5 pts (Freestyler / Freestyler / Cyril)

Team 2:

4 Platon P 2921.2 pts (Alliaj HM, Freestyler, home made)
5 Ringenbach T 2906.8 pts (Freestyler, Aris, Skorpion)
6 Mervelet M 2893.5 pts (Martinet F3B, Martinet F3F)

Team 3:

7 Krebs A 2880.1 pts (Ceres F3B, Martinet F3B)
8 Hours F 2851.6 pts (Freestyler, Ceres F3F)
9 Grandseigne C 2826.4 pts (Alliaj HM, Alliaj HM, Dingo)

I uploaded few pictures on my Picasa Album

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