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Monday, March 1, 2010

A Dingo in the battle !

I flew my Dingo this week-end. I had only 15 minutes of flying time, but flew it during 10 rounds (over 16) at the last french F3F team selection and finished 4th. Personnaly, I didn't have any pressure because I was already qualified in 1st position, therefore it was a great opportunity to try a new plane and see its potential in the battle.

This plane is just great in flight: very precise and agile, fast and plenty of lift in the turns.

The only negative point that cost me probably one or 2 positions in the ranking is the ballast. It is located in the joiner, but is not convenient and modify the CG (forward). Some slots in the joiner are not free enough (some carbon remains) and the ballast cannot enter completely. This is really a shame because the plane is so nicely made that I cannot understand this.

When ballasting, first you need to use the rear slots, then mix the center slots and the wing slots. I don't know about the front slots. I'm afraid it moves the CG forward to much
The other big news with last week-end is that I finished my migration to 2.4 Ghz by flying my Alliaj HM and the Dingo with the Jeti 2.4 system. Everything ran smooth and perfect, no glitch at all. what a comfort !!!!

I need to fly my Dingo more, practice, refine the settings, but I can tell you already that it will stay for sure in my F3F ship fleet for the season 2010

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