Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First contest of the 2010 french league season

This first contest was for me the opportunity to maiden my second Alliaj HM, equiped with Jeti 2.4. I have flown this brand new Alliaj HM only 2 minutes before the beginning of the contest :) !

In the first round, I flew the fastest time of the contest with 35.46s !

We managed only 2.5 rounds on the saturday and an half round on sunday, which means groups scoring. I was in the first group and got very bad conditions (52s) while Alexis was doing a 35.75s... Too bad for me, I moved from the first place of the ranking after 2 rounds to end at the 10th place with only 923 pts ....

Anyway, it was a good preparation for the coming season.

More pictures on my Picasa Album

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