Merlin, what a good small glider !

Last week-end, while waiting for the wind, Andreas Fricke showed us the flying performances of the Merlin from MPX. His Merlin is coming from Naterrer nad is a combo with servos and motor, but not the combo from MPX.

This small glider seems to give lots of fun, and especially is pretty fast with this motor ! We saw a small race between the Merlin and a sort of Twinjet and guess what ? The Merlin was much faster !!!

In addition, this little glider is able to do aerobatics, or simply to thermal.

Cherry on the cake, a 650 mAh, 3S lipo battery give a long flying time !
In conclusion, the Merlin a the perfect companion to fly during the lunch break and to be always in the car, just in case !

Few pictures on my Picasa Album


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