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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dingo festival

Last week-end at the local slope was a festival of Dingo with 3 of them: 1 for maiden, 2 for practice, including mine. This was a good opportunity to take some shots in flight.

I tried to play with the snapflap ratio using the fine tuning feature of the Futaba T12FG, but finally I returned to the initial settings that make me feel more confortable with the turn.

My Dingo is 2500g heavy, but I really don't feel the weight of the wings and the plane is pretty responsive on the ailerons.

I also tried few DS which is for me a good test for any F3F plane to see how behave the airfoil.

If the plane start very soon to accelerate (to prime ?) despite a light wind, then this is a good indicator about how fast is the section.

This is the case of the Dingo. It gives the feeling to have lots of power, lots of lift, and accelerate pretty quickly, in few circles.

Few days before the French F3F championship, I didn't want to risk the plane stupidely, but sure the Dingo will return on the dark side of the slope !

I ordered some tungsten ballasts for the Dingo. I should have them soon :)

The Dingo is really a beautiful F3F ship and very very efficient ! The only comment I have is on the ballast system which is from my point of view too basic and could be improved a lot.

My picasa album about the Dingo in flight is here.

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