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Friday, April 9, 2010

My new Helmet Cam

It has been always painful for me to release a video of my planes in flight because it's difficult to find somebody able filming or shooting while you are piloting, and with good result. I have few of these people but the problem then is when they are not at the slope, no video is possible.

I remember few years ago when I suceeded to pilot my Electro Arcus and at the same time take some shots with my DSLR Canon 10D... not that easy and dangerous for the plane :) !

So only one solution: build an helmet cam !

This is what I've done: I bought a helmet from Decathlon at 13 euros only, and reuse the rotating head of a small camera tripod. I just buit a fixation with some aluminium, glued in the front of the helmet with epoxy.

The result is quite nice and should work nicely as soon as the correct aligment of the camera will be found.

More pictures on my Picasa Album

First test should be this week-end ...

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