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Monday, June 7, 2010

Notre Dame de Vaulx

This week-end was a local F3F contest near Grenoble. On Saturday we went to the north summit at 1500m and had a very good flying session as the wind was not established. On sunday, we went to the South summit (1700m) after a 40 minutes walk. hopefully, two 4x4 took care of the backbag and the planes. The scenery at the top is absolutely superb with a 360° view on the different mountain chains around, the city of Grenoble at the bottom, some lakes here and there, some high summit with snow in the background.

The flying conditions raised progressively during the afternoon but remained very changing. We were lucky enough to not get any thunderstorm or shower. Frederic Hours did a 30.11s during the contest. On my side, I have been affected by the "post-VKR syndrom": bad conditions, bad piloting, bad settings on the Dingo = bad result ;) ! Thomas Delarbre won the competition with his Dingo. A big thanks to the organisers.

You can find the pictures on my picasa album

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