Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ambrosia F3X assembly started

I started the assembly of the Ambrosia F3X. First I prepared the wing servos wire and te equivalent in the fuselage. I use DIY plugs because you can make the exact length you need, and also because it is much cheaper. Ambrosia F3X has MPX green plugs housing already moulded.

With a mini drill, I prepared the housing on the fuselage ad let a lip all around in order to glue the plug in place.

The plug is fixed in place with cyanoacrylate glue. The result is perfect and clean

The Fuselage will be equiped with the MKS DS6125-H. The servos tray is cutted for futaba S3150, I guess, but not problem for the MKS servos.

In the wing, I will use 4 DS6125 equiped with their laser cut wood frames:

The servo hole is not that big, but the frame can enter with some exercice :) !

Stay tuned !

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