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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Raviole Soaring episode #1

Raviole Soaring is unformal regional winter league competition in order to be busy and have some practice during the winter. We selected small slopes, not high in order to not have snow, or at least a low probability. The name "Raviole Soaring" has been chosen because of th food speciality of the area: This regional speciality of the Dauphiné perfectly suits our ways of modern consumption: easy to prepare and quick to cook - only 1 minute!

More information can be found here

Let's come back to the contest. 12 pilots from the area met around 10 am this morning and completed 4 round before the lunch in a strong wind (about 40 to 50 km) with some dust reaching 60 km/h. The slope is a grass field, with slow angle slope.

Then we had a lunch break of 1 hour to cook and eat some ravioles and other great specialities :) ! Then we started again for 4 additional rounds until 4 pm.

Yves Tirand won the competition with his Vampire. I got the fastest time with 41,72s. I thing this slope can go under 40s which is unbelivable when you see the angle of the slope. We were able at soem occasion to do some energy management turns. The slope was however most of the time very turbulent.

Here are the results

The planes:

  1. Yves : Vampire
  2. Pierre : Alliaj HM
  3. Laurent : Ceres F3F / Dynella
  4. Arthur : Dingo
  5. Olivier : Dingo
  6. Serge : Dingo / Martinet
  7. Thomas : Big Snip
  8. Fabien : Freestyler 3
  9. Stéphane : Sniper
  10. Paul : Dingo
  11. Joël : Caldera
  12. Etienne : Ascot

A big thanks for the co-organizers for the food, the logistics, the pylon judges. We have a very friendly and breathy day !

More pictures can be found also here.

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