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Monday, December 20, 2010

Good flying session with the Ambrosia F3X !

Despite cold temperatures, I spent the afternoon on the slope to fly the Ambrosia F3X in good wind conditions (Around 40 km/h). I flew it with 650gr of ballast over the 1300gr it can carry.

If I would have to describe the Ambrosia is very few words, I would definitively say: “It tracks extremely well !“. Thanks to the fin and the full moving cross tail, the Ambrosia is a pure joy to pilot. It is fast, but especially, it is easy to fly fast, which is a very good capability from my point of view. You don’t have to fight with the plane, to correct trajectories all the time.

I did hundreds of laps and turn, and I have been very impressed by its behavior in Energy Management turn style. It is so easy, remains stable, go high without slowing down. The elevator is smooth and very precise. No drag induced by a control surface, the full tail is always perfectly aligned.

The Ambrosia carried the 650gr easily, and I think I could have put more ballast without problem.

The DP section delivers very good performances, and speed. Acceleration are good and the energy retention also. The next step will be to confront the Ambrosia F3X against other gliders, to have some references and see how it is compared to competitors.

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