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Monday, January 24, 2011

Video: Dingo F3F - VV Models

Yesterday, I finally edited the video sequences filmed last summer with my Dingo F3F at the "col des limouches". This is a slope located near Valence (Drôme - France) where I prepared the Viking Race 2010. The slope is a small cliff on top of a deep slope, facing north. This is an excellent slope to practice F3F, the only problem being the landing zone which is very small and at the edge. Hopefully, in front of the landing zone, the cliff lets the place to a smoother slope, so there are no turbulences. The landing remains challenging as you have to fly over the forest at low altitude. 2 year ago, I landed my Skorpion in the trees during a competition.

You can find the review I did of the Dingo, published in September here.


  1. Nice plane, but the music is even nicer !!!, compliments.

    Regards, Martin (Holland)

  2. The track is from the Album "Santamental" of Steve Lukather:


    The name of the song is "Carol of the Bells".

    I'm a ToTo fan, and Steve Lukather is just the best guitar player ever :) !!!



  3. Cool !, i have that on my pc. By the way, you should check out Guthrie Govan - Erotic Cakes (which is sold out though). Brilliant guitarist!
    Another great guitarist is Koichi Yabori (he plays in the Japanese fusion-band Fragile).
    I got tons of great and rare fusion stuff which you might like.

    Regards. Martin


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