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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ManorModels D60 building started

I know this is not serious, but after monthes, I finally found the time to start the assembly of the D60. I started with the wing. I first glued the epoxy control horns in place, then prepared and installed the servos wire loom. I used 2 x 6 pins green plugs from MPX for the connection with the fuselage. I decided to use 4 MKS DS6125 mini. I prepared 4 aluminum servos arms with 2 mm flight line ball link from MPJet. The screw is secured on the arms with cyano once mounted.
As the place is limited in the wing and because the servo frame cannot enter well, I finally glued the servos definitively using a Sika 11FC. This is a fast curing polyurethane sealant/adhesive usually used in the construction. It gives a permanent elasticity and cures under the influence of atmospheric moisture to form an elastomeric material with adhesive properties.
Once the servos in place, and after 2 days of curing, the servos doesn't move any more, just to say that the elasticity claimed is relative.
The polyurethane sealant/adhesive is much better than others available similar adhesive on the market. On the wing remains to do the control rod, then install the servos covers.

On the fuselage, I prepare the ballast and radio plate to be installed in the fuselage. the ballast plate has been first glued with rapid epoxy, then strongly secured with fibeglass and 24h epoxy (R&G).

The Radio plate receive the 5 cells eneloop battery, the voltage regulator, the magnetic swith and the 6channel Jeti Duplex Receiver. Both voltage regulator and magnetic switch are coming from Greentronic.

The Regslim provides a 5 Nimh or 2 LiFe/LiPo to 5V6 3A regulated output with a dropout Voltage less than 100mV. I have already 2 of them in my Alliaj HMs and I'm very statisfied with them.

The E-magnet is a magnetic switch providing a secured ON/OFF. I will be able to use it by placing the magnet in front of the switch, from ousite of the fuselage. I will probably do 2 small holes to better see the leds. I made this short video showing the E-magnet in action:

All the components are installed on the radio plate with some shrink tube, or tape. I used coroplast to place correctly the receiver antenna and respect the 90° between them.

I'm waiting for my elevator servo to complete the assembly. Should be somewhere in february.

Stay tuned !

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