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Monday, January 17, 2011

First win with the Ambrosia F3X

Yesterday was the local winter league contest #3 (second was cancelled because of the snow falls). We managed 6 rounds at 12 pilots in very changing and challenging conditions. The slope is not very high, not sharp at all, with a fence in the middle. We saw some interesting flights where the plane was jumping the fence at each lap !

I flew my Ambrosia F3X sucessfully and won the competition against Vampires, Ascots, Ceres, and some other competitive plane.

At round 5 et 6, I discovered that moving the CG bakward (by placing the ballast intentionally in the rear compartiment), the Ambrosia was more performant in the right turn with cross wind. With this new CG, the plane had no bad habits which indicates that I have still some margin.

I will measure the new CG and will try to move it backward again, to detect the limit.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the Ambrosia F3X. The crosstail makes it easy to pilot, and very stable. The section works very well and makes the Ambrosia a very competitive plane in addition to be a nice looking plane.

Next step will be to try it on a cliff, with some vertical lift and perform some aggressive EM turns. It should be interresting !

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