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Saturday, January 15, 2011

New flights with the Radian PRO

I have flown the Radian PRO again yesterday. Up to now, I had the throttle on a slider that was unsual. Yesterday, I moved the throttle on the stick and lett also the crows on the same stick but activable via a switch. It was much confortable to fly.

With the 3S 1300 mAh battery, I was able to fly 40 to 45 minutes. The air was great and I was able to circle and climb often, just a pleasure. The rudder is a pure joy: smooth and efficient at the same time. I did again some test with the flaps in the thermal position and again didn't notice much improvement. The plane slow done, but the climb rate is not much better.

Thanks to Olvier Bordes, I have shooted new pictures:

and also a video:

Parkzone Radian PRO from Pierre Rondel on Vimeo.

The video shows very well how short can be the landing thanks to the crows. This is a real plus compared to the competition.

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