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Friday, January 14, 2011

MKS DS-6125 Mini and H servormances test results

Few weeks ago, I sent a DS6125-H and a DS6125-Mini to Olivier Segouin, member of the servormances team. Here are the test results of Servormances. A big thanks to Olivier for his hard work.

Servormances can be downloaded on Aero@glide website

Few comments. As expected and announced on the specifications, The H and the Mini have a lower max torque than the DS6125 glider, but the H and the Mini are faster at the max torque (servormance torque), especailly the Mini. that said, they have a positionning time a little bit lower than the DS6125 glider. On the consumption side, they are in the same range. The Mini has a higher consumption than the 2 others.

Bending under max load is still pretty good. The precision of the neutral position is even better with the H.

Overall, the 3 DS6125 are excellent servos. Well built, very tight, extremely precise, and still powerfull.

For the moment, my return of experience with 4 DS6125-Glider and 2 DS6125-H on my Ambrosia F3X are very good. The H is working very well despite a full moving tailplane. It is too soon to conclude about durability, but to be honest, when I see how they are built, I'm not too worried.

To facilitate the reading for non french reader, here are the translation of the terms

  • Couple Max = Max usable torque (see my previous post on this)
  • Vitess au coupe max = speed at max torque
  • Tps de positionmt = positionning time
  • Courant au cpl max = current under max (usable) torque
  • Courant Maximal = max current measured
  • Fleche au cpl max = Bending at max torque
  • Precision du neutre = neutral precision


  1. Hey Pierre! Comment as tu réussi à rentrer dans le mode MAJ de Servormances, c'est Olivier qui t'a refillé le tuyau?
    Bien amicalement

  2. Salut Jean-Luc,

    J'ai confié les servos à Olivier qui a fait les tests en Décembre et mis en ligne la version mis à jour.




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