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Monday, January 10, 2011

New flying session with the Ambrosia F3X

I flew the Ambrosia last Saturday, and focused on the reflex camber setting and the snap flaps. Adding 1 or 2 mm of reflex works well. The plane is faster in the wind, and behaves better in cross wind. For the turn with reflex, I found that it needs some snapflap to keep the grip. I have 4 mm down measured at the root, trailing edge aligned, of snap flap.

I also fixed my problem of elevator compensation with the T12FG. I needed an offset setting on the elevator in order to have the compensation linear and starting as soon as I move the stick, and not starting when the stick reach the middle of the course. What is funny is that I didn’t feel the problem on my other sailplanes, probably because they have a V-tail. The Ambrosia F3X being crosstail and full moving tail, it is possibly more sensitive to the compensation. Now, it is fixed, and the landing is much comfortable with no side effect !

Next week will be the first competition for the Ambrosia F3X. I hope we will have nice weather and some wind !


  1. Hi,
    where is this slope ?

  2. What is meant by reflex camber setting?

  3. Reflex means negative flap and ailerons, 1 or 2 mm upward. This decrease the camber of the section and favorise speed.


  4. Slope is north to Romans-sur-isère


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