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Friday, March 11, 2011

Vampire assembly continues

The Vampire assembly continued with the wing servos installation. I installed 4 MKS DS6125 using the wood servos frame.

The wood servos frame is glued in place with the servos inside the frame, but with a thin plastic film in between. The reason is the when you glue a servos frame alone without the servos, there are some deformation occuring and then the servos forces to enter in the frame with the risk to defomr the skin. With the servos in place the frame stays flat and doesn't follow the camber of the wing skin.

Servos frames are glued using rapide epoxy. Don't forget to mask the fixation holes of the frmae with a very small piece or paper tape (pasking tape for peint).

The problem I encountered with the vampire is taht the command exit location is well inside the servos hole, so I had to shift the servos a little, with one the screw under the skin.

The command are made from M2 threaded Rod with metallic M2 clevises, and a 3mm diameter aluminium tube. M2 clevises are provided in the kit, and some of them have been milled to reduce their size to make them disappear under the skin once connected to the control horn. This is sexy but the disavantage is that the distance between the control horn and the rotation axis is very short, where the smallest play in the command or the servosis overdriven.

The first things to limit the play is to have also very short servos arms, what I did. consequently everything fit perfectly under the servos cover, unlike my other plane in the past.

If I can finish the assembly tonigh, I will do the maiden tomorrow :) !

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