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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stinger - F3F/F3B: the new model from VV model

Vaclav Vojtisek is releasing a new plane for 2011, called Stinger and suited for F3B and F3F. 

The Stinger has the same wingspan and similar planform than the Dingo. The root section has a thickness of 7.8% and camber of 1.6% and finishes at the tip with 7% of thickness and 1.5 of camber. It should be a fast plane ! Availability is announced for May 2011.

Source: http://f3x.eu/Stinger.htm


  1. Hi Pierre,
    The fuselage is 45mm shorter than that of our Dingos, it's a bit difficult to tell from the 3D views where the difference comes from. Do you know if the tailboom is shorter?
    I have a picture or two of a Stinger prototype...

    Thanks for a fantastic website!

  2. Hello Martin,

    I don't have more info than that. If you have a picture of the Stinger prototype you can send me, it would be great. (pierre.rondel (at) gmail.com)



  3. Hi, looks like the boom is a bit shorter, but the wing has less cord, and so does the tail.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hi Pierre,
    I just sent you mail, the pictures are fitting to the nature of the depicted prototype. ;-)
    Cheers, Martin


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