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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Aerial Pictures: Kervoyal, Britanny

Kervoyal is the place where I fly slope soaring on very small dunes, facing south west when I'm in holidays in the area (where I was born a long time ago). The height you can climb is not high, but you can however enjoy some aerobatics and flights with seagulls. the Weasel and Alula, or other small foamies are the perfect airframes to fly there.

Kervoyal is a charming little village and small beach sheltered from the west wind... Kervoyal is one of Damgan's most prized locations.

At the other end of the port of Pénerf, christened “The pearl”, Kervoyal is an inlet oriented towards the mouth of the Vilaine river. Here you will find the last surviving beach huts facing the ocean, and the last remaining vestiges of the start of the 20th century. Kervoyal is a paradise for tourists but also for the local fauna and flora. The site has been on the "Natura 2000" conservation list since 2001.

(source: http://www.ot-damgan.co.uk)

The day I took the pictures, I wanted first to fly my Weasel, but the crosswind made me change my plan and fly the EZglider PRO instead.

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