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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MKS DS6125e tested with Servormances

Olivier Segouin (aero@glide) tested the brand new DS 6125e which is a glider version of the DS95. The results are again very good. This is a fast and precise servos that is similar in term of perfomances than the DS6125-H or  DS6125-mini, faster than the DS6125-glider.

With a usable torque of 1.5 and 1.8 (6v), this servos can be used at the ailerons without any problem, but my point of view, because of its form factor (12mmx23mmx27.3mm), this servos will be the killer servos for a V-tail on a F3X, freeing some space on the servos tray in the nose.

As I'm very statisfied with the DS95 on my Vampire, I will use this new DS6125e on my next competition F3F plane.

More to come.


  1. Hi Pierre,
    seems to be nice servos, these 6125e. Have You already experience with them?
    I am thinking about these servos for v-tail of my Fosa.
    Somewhere I read, they are buzzing even without load (similar to DS3288). Is it true?

    Thanks for the answer

  2. The DS6125e are on my Rotmilan, and I'm happy with them. Yes, they are buzzing, even without load. I think it is due to the very narrow dead band, which give more precision. This is not a problem for me.




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