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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rotmilan Build Log #1

I started the assembly of the Rotmilan by the servos mounting using the drive and exclusive drive system delivered with the kit by RTGmodel.

I used the wood servoframes from MKS, as I decided to mount 4 x DS6125 in the wings. I modified a little bit the servoframe by suppressing the connecting part of the frame in front of the servo arm.

There are 2 control rod lengths. The shorter ones are for the ailerons, and the longer ones for the flap. The difficulty of the installation of the servos is that, because of the fixed rod length, you need to position rigth the frame, when you glue it, taking into account the neutral position of the servo, to maximize the travel down for the flap, and travel up for the ailerons.

I installed the carbon control rods on the ailerons and flaps, using the long brass tool provided, to extract and insert the metal axis. Then I glue the servoframes, with the servos in place, protected by a slim plastic film. I used 10 minutes epoxy from R&G. I'm pretty satisfied with it, and had never any problem with it.

Then the servos installation with the aluminium part is straight forward. The result is very neat, clean, and without any slop.

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