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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rotmilan Flying Report

Following last week-end competition, I continue to discover the Rotmilan. After the maden flight in light wind, I finished at 105.5 mm. During the competition, I felt than I could move the CG backward again. I ended at 107 mm. The plane is still very gentle and forgiving with this CG.

I also use some ballast, starting at 2 sligs, then moving to 4, then to 6 slugs over 10. This means I was flying with 500 to 600g maximum. The Rotmilan is carrying ballast very well, and I easily imagine that in strong condition, I will need more than the fuselage ballast. Hopefully, the joiner can receive something like 400 or 500 gr of additional ballast.

Exchanging with my friend CM Cheng in Hong Kong, we shared the same conclusion. The Rotmilan, is a fast plane, stable, forgiving, that is to say you won't pay cach a mistake during a turn. Moreover, CM is performing very well with the Rotmilan with a win last week-end in a F3F competition.

The exclusive servo drive created for the Rotmilan works perfectly, and I'm very satisfied. This is simply the best of conventional linkage.

I propose 2 videos: First one is my 35.56s flight at Font d'Urles. You will see how stable and smooth is the plane, which is very good for EM turns. The second one is showing the Rotmilan doing some DS at the local slope. I found the DS to be excellent exercice to test a F3F plane, see how the airfoil behaves, and what speed and how fast you can get it depending on the wind.

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