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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rotmilan maiden flight

I maidened the Rotmilan Monday afternoon in light wind (~ 10 km/h) on my club slope. Flying weigth is 2200gr, as mentioned in a earlier post.

I started from the settings provided by the manufacturer (i.e CG at 104mm), and started to play with the CG, the snapflaps, etc ...

The Rotmilan flies very well. It has a good natural straight speed. You see it when diving, or when doing some DS.

At 104 mm, I had to trim up a little bit. Then I increased the snapflaps but was not obtaining the grip I was expecting in the turns.

Later in the afternoon, I moved the CG backward, and reduced the snapflaps, and the Rotmilan started to rock much better. It became reactive, grippy, and was accelerating much better. Even in the light wind, I managed to get some EM turns.

Quickly I went to the dark side of the slope, still with 10 km/h of wind. The Rotmilan showed very good capabilities in light DS, with immediate acceleration, and seemed very stiff, thanks to the spreadtow fabric at 45°.

The servo drive system works perfectly on the ailerons and flap. The control is accurate, and allow the right travel, without any slop. Using the neutral position shift on the futaba T12FG transmitter, with 35% up / 65% down of travel on the MKS DS6125 servos, the crows are really good !

I will measure my current settings in the comings days and post them, and of course will continue to explore the plane.

I have some video sequence of the DS.

I forgot: the color scheme is perfect in the air. I'm sure some of you will find it a bit simple and square :), but I can tell you that the plane is extremely visible in the air whatever the position. There is always a color contrast with te background and the upper side and underside are very different.

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