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Monday, November 7, 2011

F3F french league results

2011 season has been disapponting as 4 contests over 10 have been unvalidated for weather condition or lack of participants. Just for information a contest is valid if there is more than 12 participants and at least 48 flights (4 rounds at 12, or 2 rounds at 24 participants, etc ...).

Laurac 1 was a good practice with good consitions before to drive to La Muela FAI/Eurotour.TOA, in the center of France near Aubenas allowed to discover a new south slope. Briançon, an high mountain slope gave very variable conditions. FU was on one day only, but allow to discover another extreme F3F slope, world record capable. Caussols, in October, gave low wind conditions, but was still validated. Laurac 2 ended the season with great condition during 2 days. Contests not validated were: La Banne D'ordanche, Notre Dame de Vaulx, La route des crĂȘtes (Vosges), La Madeleine (Basque country).

That said, the participation remained good, with a total of 63 participants, and about 30 pilots playing for a ranking. Season 2011 was the season of the Vampire with lots of them. The Alliaj HM remains a best seller. Ceres/Cyril are still good value. At the end of the season we saw the some FS4 and the new Pike Precision, both very promising.

Some video of the season 2011:

TOA 2011:

Fond D'urle

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