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Monday, April 23, 2012

Needle 100 assembly started

This week-end, I started the assembly of the Needle 100. I began with the part of the building that needs the most attention, that is to say the radio installation in the fuselage. It is very narrow and you need to enter the ballast bar in addition.

The equipement I selected is the MKS DS6100 for the rudder, a DS 6125-H for the elevator. Both will be using a SBEC as I have decided to go for a LiFe hyperion battery, UNREGULATED. This will be a good opportunity to test 6 MKS Servos in total with SBEC in front of each servos. The Receiver is the RG831B from JR that accept high input voltage.

For the wing servos, I mentioned initially that  I would use the DS6125 mini, but, I switched to the DS6125 glider after being advised by Thuro that they will be more adpated for DS and heavy load.

Let return to the assembly. The epoxy servo tray provided in the kit after being prepared to receive the servos, is glued in place in the fuselage, with the ballast bar fixed on it, in order or position exactly the tray, check that I can extract and insert the ballast. Then I glued it with some cyano, before to use some piece of fiberglass and resin epoxy to fix it solidely to the sides of the fuselage. The rudder servos is just behind the ballast fixation. the elevator need some wood blocks to position it higher, at the same level of the elevator command, and to not touch the bottom of the fuselage. Because the exit of the wire on the 6125-H make it very difficult to insert it in servo hole, I made the from of the servo tray removable with 2 screws. This is very convenient.

Here is a short a short video I did during my initial checking/testing of the SBEC with the LiFe battery.

MKS SBEC from Pierre Rondel on Vimeo.

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