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Monday, May 7, 2012

TOA 2012

This week-end was the 4th edition of this F3F contest. On Saturday, weather forecast was not really exciting witht thunderstoms in the afternoon, and low wind from south. We were very lucky because the thunderstorms went around the slope, with only few rain drops, and then increased the wind to reach more than 10 m/s.

We achieved 7 rounds in medium to strong condition. Lots of sub 40s has been flown by various pilots. At the head of the contest, Matthieu Mervelet flew great his FS4 and logically finishes first. I follow at the second place with my Pike Precision. I flew up to 1400 kg of ballast. Reto Blummer takes the third place.
On Saturday evening we had a very friendly BBQ at the camping where most of the pilots were staying. Sunday, forecast was saying no wind or very very little wind from north. We drove to a new slope, and did some free flight wiaitng for the condition to grow, but it didn't happen. It was a (unwanted) opportunity to test the range of my DMSS radio. I flew down with my Rotmilan, very far, before to catch a thermal, at the limit of my sight. the DMSS link worked great, without a glitch, and I successfully returned the plane to the top of the slope after 15 minutes of fighting with sink air and lift.
Overall a very nice week-end, and I want to thank the organising team. On the way back to home I stopped to buy some strawberries to a local farm, on the production field .... too good :) !

I don't have the results but from memory here is the top 5 of the ranking:

  1. Matthieu Mervelet (FS4)
  2. Pierre Rondel (Pike Precision)
  3. Reto Blummer (Target / Cyril)
  4. Arnaud Leger (Alliaj HM)
  5. Frederic Hours (FS3)

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