Sunday, April 1, 2012

Needle 100 DSL

I received my Needle 100 DSL few days ago. I wanted a DS plane for light to middle wind. This is the reason I sold my D60 first, because in the Alps we don't have much wind to take benefit of heavy DS plane.
Note: The Full DS version flow at 479km/h with flying weight at 5kg !!!

The moulding quality of the kit is top notch, with a very nice and visible color scheme. Wings are very stiff and robust, more than enough for my capabilities :)

What I also liked is the quality of the accessories. Servo tray is CNC machined, like the control horns. The needle 100 comes with tones of brass ballast (option).

I will equip the Needle with 4 MKS DS6125 mini in the wing, a DS6125-H at the elevator and a DS6100 at the rudder.

Assembly will start in 1 or 2 weeks, after my trip to La Muela F3F contest. Stay tuned

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