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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Flying the Schwing

I maidened my Schwing 88 the previous week-end, and I have been able to do nice shots to share with you all.

The Schwing is very good in the air. Nice looking, agile, light, on rails.
I started with the recommended CG at 99mm the first day, but found it was too backward because the plane was too sensitive to the camber variation. After adding 10 to 15gr of lead, I'm probably between 97 and 98mm now.

I flew around 2 hours with it the day after. The schwing is excellent in academic aerobatic because it tracks very well. Vertical manoeuvers are large and nice, you can control it at any time to apply the necessary corrections.

But its agility allows also to fly low and close. The roll rate is just great ! You don't need to prepare to start the roll, you just do it as you feel it.

The stalled rolled is also impressive, but requires some height because the plane needs 2 to 3 rotations before to get some grip again and exit safely.

In my setup, I used snap flaps DOWN, but also UP to have more elevator authority when flying inverted.

The crows work very well. The second day, after schwitching of transmitter, I did a mistake on the crows, putting some ailerons down (8 to 10mm) instead of up. surprisingly, the behavior was even better than with normal crows. the plane slow down very very well, takes a down angle, but remains extremely stable and ailerons are very efficient. A setup to explore more from my point of view.

In brief, I really enjoy the Schwing ! It is very compact plane to transport, looks like a larger plane at the sticks and give lots of satisfaction and pleasure. I definitively need more flying time to enjoy it even more.

I have tons of video sequences to make a very nice video clip with plenty of actions. But I will need some time to do it, as I'm leaving for the F3F world championship soon.

A big thanks to Joël and Guillaume who helped me with the camera during the 2 days.


  1. Hi Pierre, it's AvB from Australia ... thanks for the report on the Schwing as it's a plane I have had my eye on. You must really like it a lot ... I had to laugh when you wrote that "after schwitching off the transmitter"! You have the Schwing on the brain!

  2. 'Of', not 'off'!

    HUGE difference :-)


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