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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Schwing 88 Assembly Log # 2

Last time I let the Schwing very close to the completion. First of all, I glued the green MPX connectors in place. I usually do it with the wing mounted, so I need some release agent here and there. Once the servos connected to the harmness, I used Samba transparent servo covers to close the servos bays.

Then I completed the installation of the elevator and rudder control rod, using MPjet M2 coupler. I needed to use a ball clevise for the elevator because of the shape of the DS6100 servo. I spent some time on the balance because I made a mistake with the servos tray installation. It is installed too forward which reduce the space for the lead to achieve the right CG. In front of my 1500mAh NiMh battery, I have been able to put only 70gr of lead., then about 50g on top of the battery. As I didn't have remaining space for more lead, I ended byt putting the rest of the lead in front of the canopy. I have a total of 190gr of lead to get the right CG at 99mm, as recommended.
I used a 6 channels RG631B, without its satellite (still needed for binding). The 2 antenna are located at 90°, first one at the bottom of the fuselage, the second one is vertical, in a plastic tube maintained vertically by the servo tray.

Let's go to fly !

1 comment:

  1. Hello Pierre,
    my Rotmilan Midi is close to completion and I need 150g of ballast in the nose. How do you manufacture the lead cone for the nose to get a close fitting? Pouring the hot metal into the nose is maybe not the best way. Which lead material do you use?


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